BCB Rejection Filter for LW antennas

High Pass BCB Rejection Filter for Longwire Antennas

Type A Filter

This BCB (MW Broadcast Band) rejection filter is ideal when using a longwire or beverage antenna. It has similar performance characteristics to our standard BCB filter with the exception that the input coax connector is replaced with a banana type screw post for the antenna connection. Inside the enclosure is a special torroid transformer that provides the impedance match between the antenna and the 50 ohm input. This BCB filter is ideal for portables that provide an AUXILLARY antenna input (a high Z input). If the portable receiver includes a miniature headphone jack for the AUX antenna input, then the "Type B" model should be purchased. If you use a table-top receiver that has the standard SO-239 coaxial jack antenna input, then the "Type A" model should be purchased. Filter attenuation is similar to the graph below.

Filter Response


Input impedance >200 ohms

Output impedance 50 ohms

Passband insertion loss @ 3.0 mHz: -0.5 dB

-60 dB attenuation point 1.2 mHz
Signals below 1.2 mHz are attenuated 60 dB

Filter can be used with the Kiwa BCB Extension Filter

The BCB Rejection Filter for Longwires

is housed in a water tight, heavy duty, cast aluminum enclosure. No power is required.

BCB Rejection Filter for Longwires - Type A $73.00

BCB Rejection Filter for Longwires Type B $73.00
This model includes a short length of coax with a miniature headphone plug to connect to an antenna input that uses a miniature headphone jack.
(portable receivers)

Shipping and Handling within North America $10.00
Shipping expenses outside North America will depend on destination. Please contact Kiwa for shipping quotes.

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